Airport Outfits Ideas

Note /Nota:  What we write in English is in Portuguese below! / O que escrevemos em Inglês está em Português por baixo!

  Hey Brunettes!! Finally summer, finally vacation, and finally we can pack up and go anywhere in the world … finally, isn’t it? Actually not the exams grades are almost there, and this could lead us to the second phase but let’s think positive, and really think about the things that are to come, such as the trips that we will do … well, at least for those who, like me, just go at the end of all exams / entry at the university process is finished, for those who already had the opportunity to travel, I hope you liked and enjoyed! Anddd for those who already have their scheduled travel, here are some comfortable outfits, but with a lot of style, using those with more experience (celebrities) for inspiration! I hope you enjoy!

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